Travelling through Europe: Interrail

The European Interrail is a very popular traveling method. If you haven't heard of it, then you have been completely missing out. Instead of traditional flights (which usually are hella costly), Interrail allows people to travel through Europe by rail.

Unlike taking a flight to a specific country, the rail system goes through many other countries in a determined route. You have a large variety of options to go with; you can get a 1-country ticket for just over 40 euros. It really doesn't get any cheaper than that.

How it Works

It's as simple as planning your vacations with as much as 11 months of advance. Interrail tickets don't expire for a year either, so you have enough time to prepare your trip.

There's a list of different passes that give you access to different trips. Each pass has its features, which may include access to free rail transport within your destination. For single-country passes, you can obtain 8 days of rail traveling to visit every corner of the country.

Global passes, on the other hand, give you unlimited access to over 30 countries. There's no set date for each of your trips - you can travel as you like and at your own rhythm within certain time lapse.

Interrail has a wide variety of associates that can considerably make your trip smoother. Multiple hotels, restaurants, transport methods, and services in general are available through Interrail offers. You can get an offer for everything from Airbnb, to hotel rooms, vacation homes, car rentals, and much more.

Where Can I Go?

It's up to you - go anywhere from neighbor countries to your furthest opposite of Europe. Interrail has a large variety of options regarding the duration of your trip, as well as the amount of destinations.

Distant destinations that you've always wanted to visit, such as the Nordic countries and the Swizz region are now easy (and accessible) to visit. Depending on the type of pass you purchase, you'll have access to a whole region, to certain countries, or simply to the whole rail system.

One of the favorite destinations of Interrail travelers is Italy. Certain passes even allow you to travel by train within Italy, visiting more than just a single region. You get to know much more than you normally would in a single city or state.

The global pass can give you access to pretty much any country covered by the European rail system, with total liberty to choose the amount of trips and the traveling dates within certain time frame. Although, the duration and amount of trips can vary depending on the type of pass.

Is it Costly?

Not at all. You will get much more out of your money by buying Interrail tickets. The cost of the average airplane ticket completely covers the price of most Interrail passes, and for some passes, it even covers the expenses of first-class traveling.

Additionally, Interrail offers a variety of discounts for seniors, people under 28, and children. On top of that, seasonal offers make the experience considerably cheaper. A one-country pass can cost you just from 50 to 90 euros, depending on the destination and other benefits.

A premium ticket with the most access (including ferry) costs up to 500 euros. It's about the same as near-by plane tickets, except you get access to a much larger list of countries.

The discount for young people (under 28) makes a big difference, allowing students to afford vacations. With the purchase of certain passes, kids up to 11 years can travel with you for free.

In general, Interrail is one of the easiest and most practical ways of traveling through Europe. It's not only a new experience, but it's also fairly accessible in comparison to any other traveling method.