Restaurant in Rome

The 5 best restaurants in Rome, Italy

The Italians are rich in culture, history, and admirable buildings. However, the strongest aspect of Italy is its exquisite cuisine. If you travel to Italy, you might forget to visit a famous attraction or two. But when it comes to food, you'll make your best to try every dish as possible. It's okay; you're not to blame. Italian food is just too good. These are the five places where you'll get to taste the Italian gastronomy at its peak:

Birra e Sale

The Birra e Sale is probably the best restaurant in Rome. They make the most simple of dishes become a delightful experience. Being both a restaurant and snack bar, the Birra e Sale is guaranteed to fulfill your needs. It's not just the food when it comes to this restaurant. Beverages go from Italian craft bottled beer to sweet Italian wine, which is also a common cooking ingredient. B&S cooks are specialists in preparing food in their most traditional form. Any type of meat, pasta, soup, and vegetable in the Italian cuisine is on their menu. Lastly, it's impossible to resist having a huge smile after eating their desserts.

Antico Arco

Everything about the Antico Arco is just right. The first impression is delightful, as you're received with silver brick walls and traditional dark wood floor. Everything about this restaurant is just Italian. The Antico cooks are masters of the contemporary Italian cuisine. They're very cautious when it comes to traditionalism; each ingredient is sourced with care and prepared with passion. Their pasta is definitely amongst the best of the country; though there's a much wider variety of dishes. You'll get to taste every region of Italy; from the Skewered Fassona Beef to the Creamy Roman Caciotta Cheese and traditional Lasagna.

Italian pizza

Pizza Florida

Though the name says it all, it's worth remarking the quality of the pizza at Pizza Florida. It's definitely not amongst the biggest restaurants in Rome, but there's much more behind food than just that. Pizza Florida is a local (and tourist) favorite when it comes to pizza. Price, tastes, and speed are three things that are very hard to beat the Pizza Florida at. They'll prepare any pizza as traditionally as Italianly possible. This restaurant works as an efficient solution as both a delicious quick grab and a complete, elegant meal.

Pane e Salame

Despite not being too fancy, the Pane e Salame is the second favorite restaurant in Rome. If you thought sandwiches were a simple thing, then you need to think again. At this restaurant, you'll realize you've been doing sandwiches wrong your whole life. They offer the most accessible and enjoyable street food in Rome. Their fame also comes from their varied wine bar, spanning over 50 different types of wine. Their quality to price ratio is something only the Birra e Sale manages to beat. Any Italian living in Rome will confirm this is your place if you're looking for a not-too-fancy solution.

Federica & Barbara - BB Kitchen

If there's an important occasion coming soon, you can contact the traditional Italian cuisine experts Feredica & Barbara from BB Kitchen. It's a much more original option that the usual luxury restaurant - and more affordable as well. These two cooking masters offer a completely customized eating experience based on the dishes you like the most. Traditional cuisine takes a whole new approach when it comes to expert chefs. These two Italian cooks offer the best dishes for all occasions; whether it's a significant date or a group celebration. Have it traditional, or have it your way when enjoying a customized cooking experience.